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Posted on Apr 24
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Do you have some tips how to be more precise on discribing the characters faces? x


These lists might help you find some new words and phrases to more accurately describe people’s faces. However, you shouldn’t rely only on adjectives. 

  • If you’re going to describe someone’s face and this character has relevance to the story, their facial features shouldn’t be perceived in one situation only. Show your readers what happens to this character’s face when they get mad, when they are happy…
  • Integrate description when it’s convenient.  Describe your character’s face when it’s relevant, in order for the reader to feel like this description is justified and useful. For instance, you can let the reader know this character has blue eyes by saying “His blue eyes were filled with rage”. This is an example of an opportunity to show the readers more about your characters, while making it feel like this description belongs to the plot.
  • The Mirror cliché. There is one particular cliché, used mostly in first-person narratives, that you might want to avoid when it comes to describing character’s faces - the mirror one. Your character walks up to the mirror and proceeds to enunciate all their facial features to the reader without an appropriate reason. Obviously, it might work in some situations - for instance, if your character hates their appearance and are seeing in this mirror everything they hate about themselves. But even this is justified description, which means that there was a reason for the character to go and describe their facial features.
  • Look out for inconsistencies. Specially when we have lots of characters, we often find ourselves mixing up their appearances or forgetting whether our MC had full lips or not. If you’re artsy, draw your characters so you can go back to their portraits when you need to. If you’re not, just list their facial features and make sure you stay true to that list.
  • Don’t mention the same physical trait over and over again. By this, I don’t mean, whatsoever, that you should describe facial features once and never ever mention your character’s appearance again. It’s just that, if you mention your character’s blue eyes every other chapter or every other scene, your readers might get tired and feel like “Yeah, I know that already, why are you telling me this again?” Again, try only to mention these traits when they are relevant and you can find a way to connect them to the plot.

I hope this helped!

Posted on Apr 24


so apparently this is a petition to get the title changed back to TABA

Posted on Apr 24
Posted on Apr 24


I’m surprised to see so many people legitimately angry/upset about a title change like?

Things a title change affects:

  • the title

Things a title change does not affect:

  • everything else

What Peter Jackson is saying makes complete sense. While There and Back Again was the perfect title when there was only two movies, it does seem a bit strange for a trilogy, when Bilbo has already arrived at the mountain. 

Furthermore, “There and Back Again” puts more emphasis on the return to the Shire, whereas “The Battle of Five Armies” puts the emphasis on the giant battle, where we see the death of at least three of our main characters, the terrible cost of Thorin’s madness, which became a big theme as we moved through the second film and into the third, the complete and final loss of Bilbo’s innocence as a hobbit, and it names the climax event for the entire story. 

"There and Back Again" is a perfect title for a box set, because, like Peter Jackson said, Tolkien intended it to be an encompassing title for the entire story, not just the final piece of it.

I’m far more interested in this extra 25 minutes of footage from the Desolation of Smaug than I am in a title change because regardless of the title, we’re still going to get the same movie. Richard is still going to rip my heart out with his acting, the deaths of the Durins is still going to make me cry for at least a thousand years, Bilbo Baggins is still going to be the greatest hero of Middle Earth, and this movie is still going to be amazing.

Did I prefer There and Back Again as a title? Generally speaking, yes. I’m actually a bit surprised they did decide to change the title. But do I get PJ’s reasoning for the change? Yes. Either way, it’s still the same movie, and the label on the title page hardly makes a difference.

Posted on Apr 24
  • Mom:Can you stop watching Pacific Rim?
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